Honda 2005 CB 1300 ABS

Here you can find all the spares of the Accessories of your CB 1300 2005. Click on the microfiches to open the part diagram to see the part numbers and prices. If you cannot find your part contact us.

All genuine spare parts for Honda CB 1300 ABS 2005

Honda 2005 CB 1300 ABS

1300 CB 2005 CB1300A5
Color code : NH463
1300 CB 2005 CB1300A5
Color code : PB332
CB 1300 ABS
Honda CB
Displacement: 1300 cc
Year: 2005
Model Code: CB1300A5
Color: NH463 / PB332
Country: FRANCE


Drapeau FRANCE
Oil filter
Drain plug gasket
Engine oil quantity:
4,0 Liters
Technical sheet :
Owner's manual
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