Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

If you ordered and still have not received an email with a tracking number when the previously announced delivery time is coming to its end, a part must be back order from Honda we do not have delivery date for yet.

For more informations, please contact us with an order enquiry.
Charges applied to your order include shipping costs, determined by the carrier we work with but also packaging costs, we are sincerely sorry if they seem you very high.
You can of course return a part if you ordered the wrong one, and if you contact us within the delay indicated in Terms & Conditions

But to avoid wasting time and money, you should be sure parts will fit your bike.
You can look at some advices on the question : How can I identify my vehicle to order parts will fit ?
You will be able to pay by credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer, depending of which ones you are allowed to use by the dealer who will take care of your order.

However, be careful if you pay by bank transfer, we process orders at the moment we receive their payement. Be sure to do it quickly to be delivered as soon as possible.
You only have to follow these few steps :

1 - Sign into your account through My Account,
2 - Put in your cart every parts you need,
3 - Read and accept Terms & Conditions below your cart, 
4 - Select as payment method : "I wish to save my cart".

You should be able to find it later through the section My saved carts.

Delivery time to United Kingdom is, on average, about 5 to 10 business days. Delivery to other EU countries is delayed by about 2 days.

The indicated date is the fastest in Europe to source it from Honda.
If you need your part quickly, please contact us before to place your order to check availability, as the quantity indicated does not necessarily mean availability.

For further information, you can have a look to the Shipping & Delivery section.

Our clearance parts are new genuine parts but available in limited quantities, often because discontinued by the manufacturer. 
Most of time, these are parts from Honda's warehouse or from our stock. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us further information on the delivery time of these parts.
With the model code:

The model code is the production code for Honda vehicles and includes all informations (model, year, finish) specifics to your vehicle. This is the most efficient way to be sure to find your model and do not make order mistakes ! 

With the chassis number or VIN:

If you want to identify your vehicle more accurately, you need your vehicle's chassis number, which is different on each vehicle and will help you to find informations the model code does not contain, very useful if you do not know the colour code for example.

Be careful, the date on the registration document is the date of 1st registration, which could be different with the model year.

Sometimes, it happens part you ordered is back order, because not in stock from us and from Honda.
The manufacturer have to make new ones, so delivery time is a little bit longer.

In some specific case, could be a part which is made only on order, that's why, even if the part is announced back order, don't hesitate to order it anyway you have good chance be get it faster.

The delivery time announced by Honda will be exactly same as each Honda dealer, as we are one too.

For further informations on your parts, you can contact us.
Quantities indicated in part lists mean total of each part number you need to order to get all located on diagram you are on.
For example : If there is a screw indicated 4 in the quantity column, so there are 4 screws this part number on the diagram you are looking at.

Warning : price indicated in part lists is the unit price, and is independent to the quantity.
Even if a part is shown as available on the website, it does not necessarily mean that it's in stock from us or the manufacturer.

To get more informations about delivery time on parts you are looking for, we invite you to contact us before to place your order.
Unfortunately, when on a part is written "contact", it's most of time a discontinued part, not available from us and Honda either.

You can contact us anyway, we may will be able to find you a replacement part ;-) 
On our website a function allows you to add one or more vehicles in a virtual garage to find them back easily for future orders. 

To add a vehicle to your garage, follow these simple steps :

1 - Be sure to have identified the right vehicle. Please find the question : How can I identify my vehicle to order parts will fit ?
2 - Select your vehicle in the list,
3 - Find a button written on : "Add this vehicle to my garage".

Once this done, go to My Garage on top of the front page to find back your saved vehicles.
If you are still logged to the website with your account, you can request a renewal by clicking on the button for this purpose on the personal information modification page.

If you are no longer logged in to your account, just type your email address on the login page and request a change by clicking on the "Forgotten your password?" link.

Then, in both cases, you will receive an email address with a link that will redirect you to the website to set a new password.
If you still get in trouble to log in to your account, let us know through the contact section or the live support.
You must have an account on our website to place an order, because we need of course to know your billing and shipping details.

With your account, you will be able to save vehicles, to find them back easily next time in the My Garage section.

What you can do with your account too, is to save your cart and find it back in My Saved Carts later.
Technical manuals are not all available on our Honda website unfortunately.

But, as we know it could be important, you should take a look at our technical manual website, you might find one for your bike ;-)
Remote mechanical diagnosis is not the most effective way to help precisely with breakdowns you can have with your vehicle, but still contact us if you need some advices, we will try to help you as best as we can.
The website is a Honda dealer network like all websites from

When logged in, you can find contact of the dealer who will be in charge of your orders in the contact section.